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Bartercard is the world’s largest business to business trade exchange and offers huge benefits to SMEs in all walks of business life.

Combining the oldest form of trading in the world – barter - with a twenty first century trading platform and a digital currency, Bartercard helps businesses grow by providing an interest free line of credit to facilitate trading and then bringing members new customers to boost sales revenue and profitability and allowing businesses to exchange goods and services without any cash changing hands.

By paying for new purchases with Bartercard’s trade pounds, valuable cash is retained in the business and cash flow dramatically improves. The trade pounds are generated from new business that Bartercard provides so effectively members are buying things they need for the business or for their personal lives with their own product or service which is always the best option..

Joining Bartercard makes a you part of an international community, a community that trades with each other and thus offers benefits not available to your competitors and provides you with a real competitive edge.

An interest free line of credit at a time when banks just won’t lend is a tool that allows growth and expansion, and when new customers are bought to you the result is Increased Sales, Increased Profit and Improved Cash Flow.

Exclusive Delegate only Special Offer for the day -

Register your interest on the Bartercard stand on the day and receive a 30 day trial of specialist lead generation and visitor analysis software together with 30 minutes of consultancy during the period. Join Bartercard subsequently and get the next 6 months completely free of charge with an additional 30 minutes of consultancy.

To open your business to these core benefits call Stuart Leopold on 07852 137044 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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The Digital Marketing Day #2014DMD is operated and promoted by Sussex Business Bureau. Designed and conceived to enable our clients to make the right decisions about Digital Marketing Strategies and worthwhile activities to promote their businesses. 

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